Visiting Medical Student’s last day

Left – Right: Maryam Ali Khan, Chin Siang Ong, Jason Juncheng Huang (visiting medical student from Singapore), Narutoshi Hibino, Takuma Fukunishi, Huaitao Zhang in the Division of Cardiac Surgery office (Zayed 7107)

“Last words”: It was a great privilege for me to be part of Dr Hibino’s research team during my 1 month elective at Johns Hopkins University. The research that Dr Hibino and his team pursues inspires me greatly, as I’ve witnessed the dedication that the team puts in to the work that they believe so much in. Being able to participate in the weekly research meetings has enlightened me to the practice of cutting-edge translational research, an opportunity I am very thankful for. It was a great learning experience interacting with the team and assisting in some of the research work.