Welcome to the Hibino Lab Website!

The mission of our lab is to fill the gap between clinical practice and basic science through translational research. Our key research area is cardiovascular tissue engineering using 3D printing/¬†bioprinting technology. First, we aim to use innovative and novel tissue engineering approaches to¬†regenerate the heart using 3D cardiac engineered tissues. The second focus of our lab is patient-specific vascular tissue engineering using 3D printing technology. Our¬†ultimate goal is to create new history to apply these basic researches into clinical fields to improve patient’s quality of life.

Update lab home page

Thank you for great update of home page, Amatullah! This comment page has not been updated for almost one year…

Main events in the lab 2021-2022

  • NASA vascular tissue challenge – finalist!
  • Isaree went to Emory medical school (MD/PhD) last year. With all her hard work, she was accepted by multiple MD/PhD program in the country!
  • Hide joined in the lab on Oct 2021. He quickly learned all lab skills and animal surgery.
  • Tatsuya joined in the lab on Sep 2021. He will move to Columbus OH from summer. Thank you for great work in short time!
  • Tyler spent almost one year as a research assistant. He made great contribution after NASA VTC. Congratulations for presentation at AHA and award at Huggins Dept surgery meeting! He moved to new career at Boston Scientific!
  • Talented first undergraduate students – Katherine, Eugenia, Olivia, Anya will graduate this year! They were the first group of students when the lab was moved to Chicago. Thank you for all great work!

Farewell for Hiro!

Hiro left lab at the end of June and moved to Tronto to have further training for cardiac surgery. He joined when the lab was at Johns Hopkins, and then moved to Chicago together. He helped the lab very well and contributed a lot during tough time of lab transition and COVID restriction. Good luck for your next career!