Congratulations Isaree!

Isaree’s paper “Early Vascular Cells Improve Microvascularization Within 3D Cardiac Spheroids. Pitaktong I, Lui C, Lowenthal J, Mattson G, Jung WH, Bai Y, Yeung E, Ong CS, Chen Y, Gerecht S, Hibino N. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2020 Feb;26(2):80-90.” has been published!

Great work as the first author of an undergraduate student!

Her efforts of thousands of histology pictures create the cover of the Journal!

TE part C cover


New lab members!

Vivian Nguyen graduated the University of Chicago and helped setting up lab. Now She is in PhD course of bioengineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. Thank you for all her great work at the begging stage of the lab at Chicago!

Shanxiu Xu joined in the lab on October 2019 after graduation of Illinois Institute of Technology.