Update lab home page

Thank you for great update of home page, Amatullah! This comment page has not been updated for almost one year…

Main events in the lab 2021-2022

  • NASA vascular tissue challenge – finalist!
  • Isaree went to Emory medical school (MD/PhD) last year. With all her hard work, she was accepted by multiple MD/PhD program in the country!
  • Hide joined in the lab on Oct 2021. He quickly learned all lab skills and animal surgery.
  • Tatsuya joined in the lab on Sep 2021. He will move to Columbus OH from summer. Thank you for great work in short time!
  • Tyler spent almost one year as a research assistant. He made great contribution after NASA VTC. Congratulations for presentation at AHA and award at Huggins Dept surgery meeting! He moved to new career at Boston Scientific!
  • Talented first undergraduate students – Katherine, Eugenia, Olivia, Anya will graduate this year! They were the first group of students when the lab was moved to Chicago. Thank you for all great work!

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