1st Scaffold-free 3D Bioprinting Seminar (2 Sept 2016)

1st Scaffold-free 3D Bioprinting Seminar (2 Sept 2016)
Thank you everyone for coming! In case you missed the seminar, here is the webcast link.


14372362_684425755043633_2692401985368578627_o 14352372_684416858377856_4404300183884976718_o 14305285_684416848377857_5525514723372365388_o 14311213_684416855044523_2155231386784836076_o 14258204_684416785044530_8574422665362310496_o 14289849_684416788377863_6724156734860372022_o 14289853_684416791711196_7286767593847856825_o 14305429_684411948378347_5128360154499093326_o 14372345_684417385044470_3085575464671874486_o

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